Creating functional and beautiful smiles with orthodontics

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the misalignment and malocclusion (bite) of the teeth and jaws. The aim of treatment is to achieve a good functional bite and  attractive cosmetic appearance.

Early examination is important and will allow your dentist to detect any developmental problems and plan appropriate treatment. These can be diagnosed form roughly the age of 7 when most of the adult front teeth have erupted. Early intervention can minimise or even eliminate the need for tooth extraction and reduce the time required for treatment later.

Orthodontic  treatment in the developing, mixed dentition (i.e. when both deciduous (baby) teeth and adult teeth are present in the mouth is usually best carried out by a specialist Orthodontist with traditional Orthodontics. Dental Excel has specialists we’ve worked with for up to 20 years and can sincerely recommend, having seen the excellent results obtained. We can happily arrange referral for you.


Fastbraces Ceramic Clear

There have been significant technological advances in recent years with the advent of new methods of treatment which are much faster than conventional treatment. These are most suitable for adults and late teens when the problem is established. Greatly reduced treatment times are normal, in the region 20 weeks as a general guide, depending on the severity of the problem. Expectations etc can be explained to each Patient at the FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

fastbraces-modelThe shortened treatment time minimises the disruption to personal and professional life while delivering a predictable outcome.

Many adults are discovering the benefits of having their crooked teeth corrected, often suffering with them unhappily for many years.

Your Dental Excel dentist will give you a comprehensive orthodontic examination. We’ll discuss what will best suit you or your child’s needs based on your personal circumstances and desired outcome. We will then provide you with a detailed treatment plan.

Please mention orthodontics when you ring for an appointment so that you may be directed to the most appropriate dentist.

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