Dental Technology

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Leading-edge dental technology to provide the highest quality care

We have carefully selected the state-of-the-art technology at each Dental Excel practice. This diagnostic equipment has been proven to enhance the quality, comfort and efficiency of dental treatment and appointments.

Intra Oral Camera

To help us get a closer look at your oral health, our intra oral digital camera enables us to easily and comfortably inspect your mouth at your regular checkups and also allows you see what your Dental Excel dentist sees. With bright LED or halogen light sources, the intra oral digital camera also enables us to diagnose tooth fractures, which would not be seen with the naked. This dental technology is invaluable when it comes to preventive dentistry.

Digital Imaging

We have updated every Dental Excel practice with a new Digital X-ray system, called Soredex Digora Optima Deluxe PSP System. This new dental technology allows our patients to acquire fast, hygienic dental images with a significant reduction in radiation compared to traditional x-rays.

Nitrous Oxide “Happy Gas” Sedation

Nitrous oxide (inhalation) sedation or sometimes known as Happy Gas, is the most common sedation used at Dental Excel. Inhalation sedation is a preferable option as patients recover quickly and may immediately continue their normal activities. Invoking a feeling of deep relaxation, happy gas will ensure your treatment is completed in total comfort.


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